Challenge Yourself. Challenge Your Mind.

Why Relay?

Improve Mental Math

Mental math games are not only fun to play, but it also improves your brain by stengthening your cognitive abilities including memory, concentration, and problem solving.

Multiplayer Competition

Relay enables you to invite your friends to join mental math competitions. You can compete in real-time, creating an exciting and interactive experience. All of the major operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are put to the test.

Track and share your stats

You can monitor your progress over time, identifying areas where you've improved and where you can enhance your skills further.

Relay Walkthrough


Fun Tier

Simply have fun with friends

$0Per Month
Play with up to six friends
Able to track and share stats
Rise in the ranks of the leaderboard.

Parent Tier

Simply have fun with friends

$3Per Month
Advanced Metrics
Replay Incorrect Answers for reinforced learning
No Ads